Chocolate! checked, Oud! checked, Roses! Checked. They really nailed it on the head while creating this beautiful Chocolate and Oud concoction, and yes beautiful is the word I would use to describe Resala. Upon the initial spray you will be greeted with a thick cloud of spicy yet delectable saffron a reminiscence into the spice bazaars of the Far East, which slowly gives way to a sweet yet jammy rose that is bound in the confines of the heavy saffron opening blending well the leathery nuances saffron leaves.

Given enough time to sit on the skin for a dry down , comes forth the star of the show ,a seductive dark chocolate that accentuates and blends very well with the oud on the top and the vanilla in between , all while the front runners (saffron and rose) takes a back seat from here on forth ,only to raise its head every now and then. I can see where the similarities to the more popular fragrance Oud bouquet by the house of Lancôme comes from as it’s another gourmand that uses the same notes of Oud, Chocolate, Vanilla, Rose, and Saffron, but while that fragrance is overly sweet, Resala takes on the characteristic of a much darker, dense and more pronounced scent profile while not being as cloyingly sweet as the Lancôme’s Oud bouquet.

The longevity , projection ,and the silage of this fragrance is nothing short of being phenomenal, this is the type of fragrance that will fill up an entire room with its dense aroma ,making a bold yet delectable presence .

Resala is unmistakably chocolaty, and If chocolate was to be used as a note in fragrances ,then this is how it’s done, and done right.