A master class blend. The quality of this line of Fragrance by Chopard is nothing short of niche .

Strating things off with Oud Malaki the fragrance kicks off with a blast of citrus and lavender mixed with a note of classy dusty oud that adds a bit of Aquatic saltiness to that initial blast of citrus. The dry down is out of this world with notes woody tobacco, dry spices and bourbon like vanilla rising up from beneath the citrus/salty aquatic traces super unique.

The second of which I ordered Amber Malaki is hands down one of the best gourmont sents I have smelt it’s thick, luscious and velvety here it’s all about the dry down in my opinion this smells like a stronger, darker version of Tom Ford Noir Extreme with traces of Tobacco vanille.

Both of these have a thick bubble like projection , with a reach of around 3 ft which will not offend anyone outside the close circle that you interact with . On my skin this lasted for around 8 to 9hrs with good projection and a strong enticing sillage after that it turned into a very pleasant skin scent. I can see this lasting on clothes for a long time.
Out of both these Fragrances I would say that Amber Malaki is a tad bit stronger than the Oud Malaki but the smell and the dry down of oud malaki in my opinion is 10 out of 10.