Vibrant and sparkling, Cedrat Boise opens with notes of citrus fruits, blackcurrants and spices and rests on a sensual heart of jasmine and patchouli leaves. Its long-lasting sillage captivates you with woody, vanilla, leathery and musky notes.

After giving Cedrat Boise a try on the skin, I find this fragrance to be a well blended Citrus Aromatic vibe with underlying notes of leather sweetned by a nuance of vanilla.

Longevity of this Fragrance is well above average, thats at least on my skin lasting around 7hrs before it fades into a skin scent. One thing I did notice while giving this fragrance a few tries, was that the fragrance is a shining star in the warmer tropical waether in which it performs the hardest.

Overall another fine fragrance by Mancera that can work as a great niche quality summer scent.