Arabian Oud Resala

Resala by Arabian Oud is a Amber Spicy fragrance for women and men.

Concentration: Eau De Parfum

Batch Code: 303/20


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Arabian Oud Resala is an exciting composition of aromas that is suitable for men and women. The fragrance is made with hints of Chocolate, Rose Petals, Woody notes, Vanilla and Saffron. As divine as the combination sounds, it smells equally delightful. The delicious essence of Chocolate is not overpowering and blends masterfully with the sweetness of Vanilla. The fragrance also has the sweet touch of rose, which generates floral aromas that fuse well with the saffron and the woody notes to produce such a heavenly perfume. 

For a first-timer, we recommend trying out the Arabian Oud Resala decants by Fragventure which are made to preserve the original notes while allowing the consumer to experience the compositions in smaller quantities. The Arabian Oud Resala decants are also ideal for consumers who are always on the road.

The scent of the Arabian Oud Resala is now in Sri Lanka, and you too may experience this beautiful fragrance with the Arabian Oud Resala decants by Fragventure. 

Top Notes
Saffron, Pure Aged Oud

Heart Notes
Bulgarian Rose

Base Notes
Chocolate, Vanilla

Product Type:  Niche, Oriental


10ml, 5ml


Arabian Oud