Carolina Herrera CH Privée

CH Privée by Carolina Herrera is a Leather fragrance for women.

Concentration: Extrait de Parfum

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CH Privee is wonderfully made with leather, vanilla, and floral accords. CH Privee is a fragrance for women. CH Privee is formulated with the aromas of Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli, Osmanthus, and Caviar. The interesting integration of scents of many notes elevates the aromatic experience of the CH Privee. 

CH Privee lasts moderately long and generates a moderate sillage that is not overpowering or offensive. 

The fragrance is suitable for an intimate dinner, a nighttime function, or even in an office setting. The aromas of this perfume work excellently to shine a light on the glamour and the elegance of the person wearing it. 

We recommend testing the fragrance and its glorious notes with our CH Privee decants. The decants will enable you to enjoy the scent in many settings of your choice. The easy-to-carry vial will also guarantee a fresh experience during the entire day. 

We are proud to offer the enchanting aromas of the CH Privee in Sri Lanka.

Top Notes
Pink Pepper, Caviar

Heart Notes
Osmanthus, Leather

Base Notes
Vanilla, Musk

Product Type:  Designer, Western


10ml, 5ml


Carolina Herrera