Maison Margiela Jazz Club

Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela is a Leather fragrance for men.

Concentration: Eau De Toilette

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Maison Margiela Jazz Club has powerful accords of tobacco and the sweetness of the vanilla. The perfume is specially made for men. Maison Margiela Jazz Club opens with a rich fragrance that highlights its top notes, such as Pink Pepper, Neroli, and Lemon. The middle notes consist of the aromas of Rum, Clary Sage, and Java vetiver oil. The base of Maison Margiela Jazz Club has a touch of Tobacco leaf, Vanilla bean, and Styrax. 

The smokiness of the tobacco encounters the sweetness and gives birth to a sweet, elegant, and heavenly masculine aroma. 

If you have never tried this composition, it is best to start with the Maison Margiela Jazz Club decants. The decants come in smaller volumes and allow you to enjoy the aromas in different contexts and experiment liberally. Even if you are a returning consumer who has gotten the first-hand experience of this wonderful perfume, our Maison Margiela Jazz Club decants will allow you to have your best-loved fragrance on you at all times. 

Add an extra sparkle to your day with the novel fragrance of Maison Margiela Jazz Club in Sri Lanka.

Top Notes
Pink Pepper, Neroli, Lemon

Heart Notes
Rum, Clary Sage, Java Vetiver Oil

Base Notes
Tobacco Leaf, Vanilla Bean, Styrax


10ml, 5ml


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