Nishane Ani

Ani by Nishane is a Amber Floral fragrance for women and men.

Concentration: Extrait de Parfum

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Nishane Ani is a unisex fragrance that encapsulates warm spicy aromas, combined with the sweetness of the Vanilla and the smokiness of wood. The composition is quite new to the world of fragrances.

Nishane Ani opens with notes of Bergamot, Pink Pepper, and green notes, which provides a smooth and spicy aroma that is refreshing. As evident by the middle and base notes of  Cardamom, Black Currant, Turkish Rose, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Cedar, Patchouli, Ambergris, and Musk, Nishane Ani offers a unique combination of aromas.                                                                                        

Due to its exotic and intriguing notes, Nishane Ani is best consumed in Nishane Ani decants. This is especially true for first-time buyers. The decants let you savor the perfume slowly and more conveniently. The small vial is more portable than a bottle and guarantees to keep you fresh throughout the day.

We recommend you try out the ambrosial scent of Nishane Ani in Sri Lanka.

Top Notes
Ginger, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Green Notes

Heart Notes
Cardamom, Black Currant, Turkish Rose

Base Notes
Vanilla, Sandalwood, Benzoin, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk, Ambergris

Product Type:  Niche, Oriental


10ml, 5ml