Valentino Uomo Intense

Valentino Uomo Intense by Valentino is a Leather fragrance for men.

Concentration: Eau De Parfum

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Valentino Uomo Intense is rich in charismatic and masculine aromas that have the exceptional capability to capture the hearts of those around with just one spray. The blend is the outcome of a selection of special notes such as Mandarin Orange, Clary Sage, Iris, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, and Leather. Consequently, the composition showcases the united aromatic excellence of the fragrant Vanilla, suave Leather, and charming Iris. Valentino Uomo Intense has a sweeter opening, which settles in to bring out the fresh aromas of the Iris.

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Top Notes
Mandarin Orange, Clary Sage

Heart Notes
Iris, Tonka Bean

Base Notes
Vanilla, Leather

Product Type:  Designer, Western


10ml, 5ml